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Burn of Breaking a Heart
I want to remember
How a heart feels--
How it cries when rains falls on
Fire, when sweet whispers are
Snuffed by the wind of my
I want to remember its warm pulse
As it matched mine, as it sought
To unwind the rusted chains
That I had long let bite my
Sorrows away.
I want to remember the taste
Of being loved, of being
Wanted, because just three
Foolish words could pump me with
The fuel to be even more
Because "want" and "love"--
Those were just items.
Those were pockets of spare change
And the loss at the bottom of a
So I want to remember
The warmth of a heart as it
Cared for me, but all I
Recall is the burn of it being
Crushed between my
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Shut Up
Shut up.
Sometimes I wish you'd just
Shut the fuck up.
Just let me take your words,
Your screams, your cries, your
Desolate arguments as this war
With yourself rages on.
I wish you'd just let me
Hold your hand
Instead of a cold blade
Just let me kiss the cracks on
Your soul, and embrace the
Texture, because from those cracks
Spill the brightest lights.
I wish you'd just realize:
You're human. Fucking human. Not
Perfect. Not a porcelain doll,
Or a model or an idol. You're not
Something that can't exist.
You are real.
So please.
Please shut up.
Just give me your words,
Just reach out,
Just let me take your hand
Through this shattered mirror
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They Found Love in Poison
Somewhere, a boy rolls dice between his hands
Two bottles of hope, one named "ignorance"
And the other called "need".
He found love
In the rippling reflection of those bottles
as he let them claw despair
From his mind, and replace it with a
Kinder sorrow
Before he could
Drown in the silence.
Elsewhere, a girl paints her face with the mud
Her peers whip her with, stones cracking
Soft skin, bullet - holes in her shadow
Stiching the frayed mask together.
She found love
In the battlefield that dances across
Her wrists, for what bullets could not fix
She amputated
Before she could
Drown in the screams.
Everywhere is a sea of pills and razors
Potent with hate
Sharpened by loneliness.
Nowhere do those who fill the seas
Glimpse the hands which reach
For those broken skies.
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Careless Words
People say 'I love you' like
How they say 'hello' and
Like how they scrawl names on
Homework, and toss away yesterday's
Rotting leftovers
Before the crows could
Find out why.
I saw it in her eyes,
Careless rambles from her
Lips, words made of old ink and
Faded paper. Words which couldn't
Fill the face of a dime, even if
She wanted them to.
He felt it in her touch,
Warm at the surface yet
Chilled to the bone,
Each expression getting crumpled and
Cut every time it escaped her.
Because 'I love you' has turned invisible,
Smoke choked by the hurricane of
Repetition, passing on a street
After a killer has had enough of his
But there were days,
So many days,
When he wanted to reach out and
Touch the smoke, breathe in its
Artificial pleasure, return their
Drunken 'hellos' and
'Goodbyes', before they turned
Into coal-kissed skin burned by
It seems the venom of a
Dream is softer.
:iconsangeline:Sangeline 0 0
If Only You'll Listen
To want to feel the fire lick your skin, the
First layers crumbling in black-lacquered-burns.
Stink of flesh cooking in red, embers
Glowing like how the bright bones flash and
Won't let go.
To search for the sensations that echo in
Your reticense. The source but a whispering
Memory, skin splitting to solivagant
Smiles when the knuckles of a punch crunch
Against walls.
To see the the blotches that scream in
Your skull. Craters in flesh. Tendons
Stringing the harp of your mind as it sees
Nightmares, the cry you can't hear using
Copper ink to write reality.
To feel the hiss of breath to
Heart. Steel to finger. Pin to hand. Needle
To cloth to weave around the scars.
Believing they exist when you feel a
Different texture plead to patch the wounds.
As tears fill your eyes, the
Burning punch of how
Real it is to cry at last
Lets you believe her words:
See how I feel as the wasteland
Encroaches. If only you'll
Listen, you won't have to
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